Through NEON16 , Sean Paul and Manuel Turizo present their new single, ‘Dem Time Deh’. This collaborative song stands as a new dance floor anthem that unites Paul’s unmistakable Jamaican dancehall with the urban sounds of Turizo.

‘Dem Time Deh’ fuses contemporary groove with some reggaeton influences. Sean Paul, known for hits like ‘Get Busy’ and ‘Temperature’, brings his signature Caribbean flair, imbuing the track with the spirit of Kingston’s dancehall scene. For his part, Manuel Turizo contributes with his urban style, complementing the synergy of his collaboration.

The release comes accompanied by an official video, set in the 2000s, transporting viewers back in time. The clip shows some references to Sean Paul’s visual treatments dating from this era. Watch it below:

Lex Borrero, co-founder of NEON16, expresses his excitement about collaborating with Sean Paul: “We are honored to work with Sean; “His music is timeless, and we are excited to create with him in this new stage of his career.”

Despite belonging to different generations, Sean Paul and Manuel Turizo share a common goal: to follow their creative instincts and continue creating music. For now, you can now listen to ‘Dem Time Deh’ now available on all streaming platforms.

Source: Rolling Stone