Photo Credit: Kieran Khan

New York, NY, October 12, 2023 – Global music icon, Sean Paul, unveils his highly anticipated Dutty Merch Line, showcasing an introductory line of trendy apparel for both males and females. Stemming from his multi-platinum sophomore album, and his esteemed production company, Dutty Rock Productions, Sean Paul’s merch line represents his ongoing creativity and influence in the industry.

The Dutty Merch Line harnesses the spirit of rebellion ingrained in each one of us, encompassing a unique, vibrant energy that transcends boundaries, the initial offering includes tshirts, caps and hoodies but will soon add “dutty socks” along with other items. Seamlessly blending fashion and music, this exclusive collection serves as an authentic representation of Sean Paul’s indomitable talent and his dedication to craftsmanship.

The “Dutty” branded shirts offered in the line are a symbol of the immense success and longevity of Sean Paul’s career, paying homage to his chart-topping album. Each piece boasts the iconic “Dutty” logo, an emblem that stands for rebellious unbridled creativity, and evokes a sense of empowerment in those who wear it.

Sean Paul’s dedication to creating a distinct brand experience will be evident throughout his entire merchandise line. Recognizing the diverse tastes and styles of his global fanbase, the Dutty Rock Merch Line offers a variety of options with bold colors.

To celebrate the launch of the Dutty Merch Line, Sean Paul extends his gratitude to his loyal fanbase for their unwavering support and invites them to visit The website has been curated to offer a seamless shopping experience, allowing fans from across the globe to effortlessly access and own a piece of the Dutty Rock legacy.

As an artist who continually pushes boundaries, Sean Paul encourages his followers to embrace their individuality and ignite their rebellious spirit. The Dutty Merch Line is a reflection of this very ethos, designed to inspire fans to showcase their authentic selves with confidence and style.


Sean Paul, a true ambassador of Dancehall music; his commanding voice has become a personification of the genre. Each word that leaves his lips propels the entire art form. Recording artist, songwriter, and producer, Sean Paul continues to make an immense contribution to the culture, garnering a global audience and consistently filling venues in over 120 countries and counting.

His monumental 21-track Dutty Rock, album, earned multi-platinum certification and the Grammy Award for ‘Best Reggae Album’, and a nomination in the category for ‘Best New Artist’, the first time a dancehall artist had garnered such a distinction. Songs such as “Gimme The Light”, “Like Glue”, “I’m Still In Love With You” and “Get Busy”, made it to the top 15 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, with “Get Busy” being Sean Paul’s first solo No. 1 hit.

Through his 2006 album, The Trinity Sean Paul was able to secure another solo No. 1 hit, with “Temperature”, the eleventh track on the list. The song remains a scorching party starter driven by hammering percussion. Proving that Dutty Rock was not an outlier, The Trinity also went platinum, cementing his status as a hitmaker for which he is still recognized to date.

Sean Paul’s latest album Scorcha, a Grammy-nominated project which was released in 2022, further epitomizes his status as a hitmaker, after more than two decades in the music business. The tenacious spirit of the award-winning act is partly owed to the culture of his birth and for this reason, he continues to pay homage to his Jamaican roots and represent as a proud ambassador of Dancehall and Reggae. With his recent collaboration featuring
reggae legend Beres Hammond, titled “Rebel Time”, Sean Paul demonstrates a firm, yet the trailblazing approach to the dynamic Jamaican genres as it fuses elements of lovers’ rock with modern dancehall. “Rebel Time” is a testament to the enduring legacy of Jamaican music and the importance of persistently exploring ways to evolve and innovate within the genre.

Sean Paul has proved his versatility time and time again and has demonstrated that to have rebelled throughout his career, he has become a conscious and consistent contributor to Jamaica’s culture and a true ambassador of dancehall.